19 March 2010

A&S50 Challenge: Material Culture Twelve: European Medieval Hood

A&S50 Challenge: Material Culture Twelve: European Medieval Hood
Sayyeda Samia al-Kaslaania

This is a project I’ve been working on for a while with the intention of making houppelandes and cotehardies for myself and Oswald. I finally finished the hood for Oswald only to figure out that I never measured his head three years ago when drafting the pieces. Sigh. So I promptly gave that one away to someone who would love it. For the life of me I cannot remember who, and I never got a picture. It was royal purple (Medieval royal purple, as opposed to modern) and finished in blue edging.

I tried again! And promptly made another one too small for my love. This one traveled to Castel Rouge and was put in the Investiture basket of the new Baron and Baroness. The pattern came from the Honorable Lady Petranella when she helped me with fussy details of making houppelandes three years ago now. When searching for period images of hoods like these I see that Cynthia Virtue had the same idea about the pattern, so I’ve included Ms. Virtue’s link here:

It’s intended to be worn with 14th century clothing. Wool in the winter to conserve heat and shed snow and water, linen in the summer to protect from the sun.

This one is a lovely lightweight wool in a green herringbone weave. It is stitched with gold silk-wool blended yarn in a button-hole/blanket stitch to keep the seams flat. It took a drive to Winnipeg to complete. Both this and the purple one were cut from leftover yardage. Once I get one made for Oswald it will be trimmed with fur.

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