14 January 2010

A&S 50: Material Culture four: Tablet woven, Windhaven-y

Julia May, aka Samia al-Kaslaania
February 2009

After showing off the previous tablet woven belt my Baroness asked if I would make a second to include in her basket for the newly invested Baron of Windhaven.

This is made with 20 cards, 4 border and 16 body. It's woven with Harrisville wool weaving yarn (my lovey $20/ 8oz or "three belts" yarn) in light blue, indigo blue and maize yellow. The ends are corded, and un-trimmed in this picture.  It ended up at almost 10 feet long. Certainly long enough for us luxury sized people! (which was my goal).  I included direction for cutting off the unfinished end and using that for cuffs.

It is with this project that I have decided that weaving is only a sick project. I was feeling much better when I wove this, and I had to force myself to sit down and finish it.

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